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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  February 26, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PST

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the tree fell overnight and this is what they are worried they will see more of. the storm does have the potential to be messy. there are concerns there could be mudslides and possibly flooding and trees. the storms will bring much needed rain. that is the good news. it is not raining now in san bruno. we did not see rain coming from the east bay but do not let that fool you, grab the umbrella or the jacket. it is supposed to hit this afternoon. this morning do fought look outside see no rain and think you are okay because this afternoon we will get a good soaking. be prepared. people are getting ready for the storms across the peninsula. sandbags available in several areas including the sandbag
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station in east palo alto. residents are concerned offed inning with 50 percent of all homes in the flood zone. the creek last overflowed christmas of 2012. officials will monitor the creek for flasheded flooding. >> follow live doppler 7 hd on twitter for the latest bay area weather conditions. despite the rain california faces a drought. two million people in the bay area are asked to cut water use by 20 percent. the conservation effort was aproofed by the santa clara water district an increase from the ten percent cut from last month the largest provider in the south bay serving 13 cities and water retailers. officials say the cuts are nets because local reservoirs are at 33 percent of capacity and the state recently ended water
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imports. san francisco police are investigating a possible assault discovered after the victim was picked up by uber car service driver after midnight. police say the driver of uber car picked up two passengers downtown and proceeded toward the neighborhood near church and valley streets. the driver realized a man was pleading and called police. the passenger was taken to san francisco general hospital and reported in critical condition. highway patrol is investigating a fatal accident involving a person hit and killed while walking on interstate 280 on the southbound side of the freeway in daly city. c.h.p. closed down three lanes while officers investigated. there is no indication why the person was walking on the freeway. today is a year since two santa cruz police officers were killed in the line of duty. they were gowned down by a
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sexual assault suspect. a memorial is held at the police department. a special garden is dedicated if their honor. the public came together last night for a vigil. our reporter was there. ♪ i will remember you ♪ will you remember me >> detective sergeant baker and detective butter are on everyone's mind. no one can forget what happened february 26 in 2013 we they were gunned down by the suspect who was shot and killed by police. >> we obviously going through the phrases of grief. it feels like it was yesterday. >> he is my hero coming home, and talking about work and the dinner table. >> two of his children attended. his daughter did not. she is currently the only one threatening to sue over how a
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memorial fund will be divided. community donated 500,000 to the families. until the matter is resolved not a penny can be distributed not even to butler's two small children. >> it is something that should not have happened. >> ought pain is palpable and the family and friends share a moment of silence for baker and butler. this community has stuck together through it all. >> there is another memorial where the special garden and the two plaques dedicated to the officers. state and local lawmakers want to solve a dangerous language problem that came up after the asiana flight 214 crash at sfo. san francisco mayor lee and assembly speakers will hold a
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news conference to make more interpreters available in a major emergency. they say passengers and families in the asiana flight 214 crash encountered language barriers and highlight the need for more interpreter services for hospital patients. >> confer the u.s. government fined the airlines 500,000 for failing to contact the victims' families in a timely manner. >> arizona governor has until saturday to decide whether to sign or veto a bill causing a national debate on religion and gay rights. the governor has been in washington, dc the last five days for a conference. last week the arizona legislature passed a bill to allow business owners to deny service to gays based on religious beliefs. several corporations including apple, say it would be bad for business. former republican presidential candidate romney is among those urging governor to veto the bill. katie marzullo will have more on the developing story at the top of the hour.
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alameda county supervise (o)ors -- supervisors are going back to the drawing board called laura's law. under the law a judge can order outpatient treatment for people with a history of severe mental illness. each county must decide whether to adopt the law. supervisors were divided and decided to delay the proposal for 90 days while health officials come up with a better set of recommendations. a new five career agreement to have google turn the downtown corridor of mountain view into a wireless holt spot. google is replacing the wi-fi network which is not functioning because of technology changes which covers castro street. the city council accept a $
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$500,000 grant to install and maintain the wi-fi networks at community center, senior center, parks, and libraries. we are monitoring the storm. the storm will come this afternoon and the evening. live doppler 7 hd shows the light-to-moderate rain moving through the northwest corner of sonoma county and it will head to senator that rose and cloverdale and as far south as row neither pack. you can see a lot of green which is not reaching the ground or if it is, it is light maybe drizzle and sprinkles. it is not showing up in the south bay. this will moisten the atmosphere. we will have a chance of scattered and light rain in the morning for the commute. in the afternoon, we will see the showers developing. this will be a possibility of thunderstorms. we will have heavier rain.
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there will be a threat of flooding. the winds will come in, in the afternoon and evening. this morning is relatively calm and we have a little bit of light rain with sprinkles and drizzle. most of the roads will remain fairly dry. leyla gulen? >> we have rain falling around tracy where we have, literally, a jam, along westbound 580 at highway 132 a big rig carrying strawberries is overturned blocking the off-ramp to eastbound highway 132. take 5 which is a round about way headed through tracy to the amount pass. no word when the sig-alert will clear. in berkeley, westbound 80 at university avenue we have a your possibly blocking one lane. we moving along just fine and we get to the toll plaza we will see how it looks, the traffic
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now is running smoothly. it is dry and quiet. that can change this afternoon. land ahead. give yourself extra time. >> we are following new developments in crisis in the ukraine. the government is taking action against the right police blamed for deadly violence against protesters. >> two of the biggest starts in hollywood testify before congress. we are not the only ones watching the rain, crews are ready for the academy award are
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covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning, at 4:41. wednesday and the ferry building and the embarcadero is showing
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the rain coming in. it will spread. the meteorologist, mike nicco, is checking out the timeline and when it affects the neighborhood. >> ukraine's acting interior minister has debanded a feared riot police force that many accuse of violent attacks on protesters who is blamed the police force for attacks that left dozens dead and hundreds injured in kiev. protesters were pushing for leaders to align more with the west rather than now. both sides signed an agreement to end the three month conflict. the president yanukovich fled to the eastern ukraine. the whereabouts are not known. >> mexican drug kingpin joaquin guzman will remain in the highest security prison and will not be extradicted to the united states soon yesterday, two federal judges ruled that guzman must stand trial on drug trafficking and organized crime
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charges in mexico. authorities say they want to be the first to interrogate guzman and use the information to dismantle the drug cartel. >> experts warn mexico failed to prosecute high profile drug lords they have arrested. the department of homeland security has been cutting the number of air marshals on commercial flights the past three years. internal e-mail obtained by cnn says fewer plain clothes officers are protecting aircraft from terrorists. $160 million in budget cuts is blamed with most eliminated through atrying. the department will not say how many. the number skyrocketed following the 9/11 attacks. >> two actors are testifying on capitol hill at senate hearings, ben affleck will be before the senate foreign affairs committee discussing how to resolve the violence in the democratic republic of congo. three is considered an expert on the central african nation
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finding the initiative which is nonprofit to run peace and prosperity to the region, the third appearance since 2011. >> and another will appear before a senate appropriations committee to testify of the economic impact of alzheimer's disease research in the united states. he reportedly became an advocate after his mother-in-law was diagnosed with alzheimer's disease. he start add charity if her name two years ago that has raised hundreds of thousands for the national alzheimers association. the red carpet is rolled out forward ward a day early because of rain in los angeles. a reporter has the latest on the preparations. >> the transformation has begun from tourist destination to celebrity red carpet. it is a big deal.
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i did not realize how much preparation went interest it. very exciting. >> the street was shut down and crews are building structures. >> there will be 300 people working outside on this block alone. >> winter storms make the job harder this year. >> we are planning weather and we are on the plan, planning for sunday. we will start the red carpet and end on time. avenue were whats in the middle, we will deal with it. the days longer. >> some businesses are not. clogged streets mean a slowing of customer flow. >> the customs are frustrated. >> a business that thrives off celebrities, this week is less than glamorous. >> it is good to come here and
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see the oscars but for us it is horrible, the parking lots are closed and the streets. we are working harder than normal. oscar sunday is this sunday only at at this station and you can watch on the smartphone or tablet with watch abc act and watch oscars back same to see the moments everyone will talk about. >> katie marzullo will be in los angeles covering the oscars right here on abc7 news. the light rain portion of this weather system is in the bay area. the next two hours, what is ahead? >> just light showers. there was residual moisture but it is drying with
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light-to-moderate rain and to guerneville and down to bodega bay you can see that is where our best radar returns are. it tapers as you head to the south with nothing falling in south bay. light spring headed into san francisco so we will watch that and headed out highway four at antioch we have yellow. maybe that is reap the ground. you can see the moisture coming in from the south and that is the plume of moisture showing up offshore and we will keep our eye on that. it rotates to the south bay and it will be light-to-moderate rain here an hour or two so keep an eye on that. the winds are not too strong only at 12 miles per hour. everyone else is technology or less. the winds will be the bigger issue in the evening when the stronger storms come in, and the
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threat of thunder. it is clean to san francisco and emeryville and berkeley with heavy rain and breezes this afternoon. friday the storms come in early and it will happen around 1:00 o'clock in the morning through the morning rush. this evening, the rush hour is hit hardest but friday morning rush hour is hit heartest by the second storm with scattered showers tomorrow and on saturday and sunday still looking like the dry day. >> storm system is coming at us, storm one coming through right now and part two is the red line which is going to create the showers and thunderstorms and friday storm is quickly on its heels. urban flooding so streets and parking lots could flood. wind damage and flooding is slight because the wind will be faster with the friday storm. >> the rain coming in through and by 11:00 or 12:00 we see the
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heavy showers develop and the scattered showers become more numerous and wide spread and we will have the hazardous driving conditions. it is more accountered overnight with light rain tomorrow and drizzle and showers by noon and they dissipate by 5:00. winds, again, could get around 25 miles per hour and gusting up to 35 miles per hour and possibly 35 and 40. the next couple of days we will see back to average with sun sunday and average on monday and tuesday. >> along highway 4, law antioch, across the bridge, you can see there is an area of green. that is indicating where rain is affecting the commute. continuing westbound, it clears up and you are at top speed. if you need to get on 80, there
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is a dry ride through pleasant hill and walnut creek and along highway 24. berkeley is dry. look clear along the nimitz, as well. we have a sig-alert in tracy. over to the altamont pass, you need to know the lanes are blocked with a big rig overturned that was carrying strawberries. use 5 instead. that is a round about way to get to 205 but it will get you there. now a look outside and what is happening across the golden gate bridge from the not bay you can see clear conditions and no delays, we will keep our eye open when the rain is going to start falling into san francisco. >> what the heck, beards and mustaches are the rage but what if you can't grow one? new hope for the hairless.
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>> a teenager is suspended for bringing lunch to school. what he says was mistakenly packed.
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you are walking around and you find millions work of gold coins if coffee cans. that happened to a couple in gold country. 1,400 coins worth $10 million! they want to. anonymous and will not say where the coins were found. they do plan to sell them on amazon. they are expected to bring between $2,500 and $1 million each depending on the rareness. it is believed the biggest find of gold coins in united states history. >> you have heard of hair
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transplants for the head but more and more are doing similar operations on men's faces. doctors say a grow number of men are willing to fork over big bucks to beef up their beards. the go rate in new york city is up to $7,000. the operations vary from filling in a few spots to complete beard construction from the hipster to the business executive, the facial hair is in. one doctor says he has gone from doing a few a year a decade ago to several a week. all that hair is going to get soggy today. here is mike nicco. >> need an umbrella for the beard. you can see the rain is overspreading most of the state and down to los angeles and san diego overnight and notice the temperatures are cooler today at 10 or 15 degrees cooler with low-to-mid 60's through chico and sacramento and 70 in fresno.
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record high yesterday in lake tahoe and snow is coming today: 58 yesterday and we will have up to a foot of snow and possibility of thunder snow with the storm. that means you get a heavier burst of snow lick a thunderstorm you get a heavier burst of rain. be careful. >> laying? >> safe travels. >> shower cap and bobbie pins. in san jose with clear conditions and top speeds. over the altamont pass, that is where we seeing slowing out there and tray city dublin is 27 minutes. highway 4 is quick drive and 101 through san rafael to san francisco moving along at top speeds. we have a sig-alert in tracy. a 17-year-old texas high school student is fighting
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suspension after he says he accidentally property a can of beer to school in the lunch. two weeks ago he said he mistakenly grabbed the beer rather than a soda from the refrigerator. he realized the mistake he gave the unopened beer to the teacher would reported it to the principal. he was suspended and sent to alternative school for two months. >> i gave the teacher so i wouldn't get in trouble and i got in trouble. >> there has to be a great area. you cannot punish a kid for doing the right thing the same punishment you give a kid you catch doing the wrong thing. >> the school district says the principal followed appropriate protocol but the mother is appealing the decision. >> a business near sacramento is opening its doors and arms by offering hugs to anyone who needs them at a police. the cuddle connection is celebrating a grand opening where you pay $29 for 30 minute
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cuddle session or $49 for an hour-long hug. there strict guide lines, no massaging or inappropriate touching. owner hopes the missing can provide comfort and healing. >> i liken it to a day spa. >> i thought, wow, that is kind of interesting. never heard that before. but it makes a lot of sense. >> i love to give hugs and love receiving them. >> cuddling if cash is not a new condition sent. similar shops have bond up around the world including in new york and japan. >> you may have some explaining to do with your spouse. >> we are tracking a storm as much needed rain falls cross the bay area and mike nicco and live doppler 7 hd will tell us what to spot as you start the day. >> new details in a growing meat
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♪ ♪ it takes two to make a thing go right ♪ ♪ ♪ it takes two to make it outta sight ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] only yoplait light and yoplait greek 100 are endorsed by weight watchers. so many delicious flavors that taste outta sight. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, 5:00 on this wednesday, a long awaited bay area rain is here. s that for joining us. >> no more waiting on the bay area rain, it is here. >> we have wet weather, light-to-moderate rain around cloverdale and


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